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Are you struggling with fear and anxiety?
Are worry, stress and insecurity keeping you stuck in your life? Do you feel unsafe or believe that you are not good enough to have what you want? Whether you feel attacked by anxiety or held in the tight grip of constant fear, these emotions can make you feel powerless and out of control. However, the truth is that your mind is creating fear and anxiety, which is why you can learn how to use your mind – in particular your subconscious mind – to un-create them.
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Friedemann Schaub, MD PhD, the author of the award-winning bestseller “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” has created a unique approach to identify and address the subconscious root causes of fear and anxiety. His breakthrough and empowerment program has helped thousands of his clients world-wide to overcome their emotional challenges and live with greater confidence, balance and fulfillment. And best of all, most people are able to reach their goals within just 6 to 8 sessions.
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Anxiety can “attack” or “creep up” on us at the most inopportune moments, which makes us feel powerless and out of control. Understanding some do’s and don’ts about anxiety is the first step to demystify this emotion and regain control—the more we know about a challenge, the more we can find ways to overcome it.

Don’t Venture Off Into The “What If” Reality

Making assumptions is one of the major anxiety triggers. For example, think about the “what if” game. Any thoughts starting with “what if” should give us a clue that we’re about to venture off into a fictional reality. We can get lost thinking through the consequences of terrible disasters, painful rejections, or enormous failures, without realizing that they’re all based on one, frequently ludicrous “what if” assumption. We make generalizations, ignore certain facts, and misread and over-interpret others, all to concoct stories that are detrimental to our inner peace and well-being. Instead of spiraling into anxiety, take a deep breath and ask yourself the following three questions: Is this thought true? Does this thought make me feel good? Does this thought help me reach my goals? Each question acts as a reality check and will help you appreciate that entertaining the thought is not only hurtful, but it’s also getting you nowhere.

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