Wisdom from “The Fear and Anxiety Solution”

The natural reaction to fear and anxiety is to try to get rid of them quickly, because they feel uncomfortable and disempowering. But true healing is not about fixing or getting rid of a problem. Healing is about remembering and reinstating our wholeness. In this sense, negative emotions provide us with the opportunity to find and regain our wholeness.

When we discover and understand their deeper meaning, they become powerful catalysts that lead us to our greater, self-empowered, authentic selves. After all, if fear and anxiety didn’t have an important function, wouldn’t evolution have eliminated them by now?”

– Dr. Friedemann Schaub

If fear and anxiety are like physical pain, then their natural purpose must be to call your attention to the deeper emotional and mental wounds they are caused by. What if tending to these inner wounds—whether they are unresolved traumas, self-sabotaging patterns, or limiting beliefs—could lead to greater peace, wholeness, and self-empowerment?

Would it still be enough for you to just fix and get rid of fear and anxiety? Or would you want to take advantage of their true meaning, heal yourself from the inside out, and gain access to your true potential? This is what I call the healing power of fear and anxiety.

– Dr. Friedemann Schaub

You have the most powerful healing tool at your disposal—your mind. After all, it was your mind that created your emotions in the first place. Your mind has the capacity to transform the wall of anxiety or fear into an open gate that leads to a place of new opportunities and unlimited possibilities.

When you use your mind, getting better is no longer just about getting rid of these fears and anxieties. Instead, you can find and attend to their root causes, appreciate their true purpose, and embrace the wisdom and the power that’s at their core.”

– Dr. Friedemann Schaub

When we learn how to consciously work with our subconscious mind, we can change faster and perform better on all levels — mental, emotional, and physical. It’s through conscious-subconscious collaboration that we are able to access our true potential and gain a deeper understanding of who we truly are.”

– Dr. Friedemann Schaub

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  • Are you struggling with fear and anxiety?
  • Do you feel held back by self-doubt and insecurity and are unable to make decisions and access your true potential?
  • Are you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns or limiting beliefs.?
  • Do you feel burdened by the traumas of your past?
  • Are stress and worry manifesting as procrastination, insomnia or addictive behavior?
  • Does your emotional and mental pressure cause you to suffer from low energy, chronic pain, high blood-pressure, excess weight or auto-immune diseases

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  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind and body to health, balance, confidence and success
  • Acquire effective self-empowering skills, strategies and tools, which allow you to truly transform yourself and your life

“The Fear and Anxiety Solution” can help you to get unstuck and harness your full potential.

Dr. Friedemann’s new book enables you to tap into and utilize the most potent source of change and healing --  your integrated mind, which consist of the conscious, subconscious and higher consciousness. His holistic and innovative approach provides practical and self-empowering solutions for some of the most pervasive problems of our times, such as fear, anxiety and depression.

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A Message Dr. Friedemann Schaub

The Fear and Anxiety Solution” approaches fear and anxiety not as problems or disorders, but as symptoms of and information from your subconscious mind when you’re out of balance and alignment with yourself. As you embark on this journey of healing, empowerment, and self-awareness, the processes and tools of each chapter will show you how to bridge the gap between your conscious and your subconscious mind. They allow you to pinpoint and understand the root causes and deeper meanings of your fear and anxiety, provide you with the leverage needed to release emotional blocks from the past, and help you turn up your inner light, so you can shine more of who you truly are out into the world.”

What People are Saying about  “The Fear and Anxiety Solution”

The Fear and Anxiety Solution” is beautifully written and loaded with the truth that can free you from the adverse effects of fear and anxiety. I highly recommend this book!"

— Christiane Northrup, MD, physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

This book is so much more than a solution for fear and anxiety. It will educate you, guide you, empower you, and heal you. Dr. Schaub has uniquely blended the current wisdom on the subconscious power of the mind-body-spirit connection, and how to use it in daily empowerment practices that will transform your life for the better. His strategies truly represent a breakthrough process for using your subconscious mind for healing and empowerment. I highly recommend it to my patients, medical residents, and colleagues. And I recommend it to you.”

—Steven Gurgevich, PhD,Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

This book can help you to abandon your past and achieve your potential. We are created with the potential to heal our wounds but we must be ready to step forward, practice, participate in the process, and not live with the fear and anxiety of failure. If you are ready, the coach has appeared. Show up for practice by reading and learning what this practical and wise book has to offer.”

—Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Faith, Hope and Healing and A Book of Miracles

What People Are Saying about Dr. Schaub’s Work

 When I initially came to see Dr. Schaub, I envisioned working on a certain area of my life that caused me lots of anxiety for which I had been taking anti-depressants for many years and over which I was feeling quite helpless.

Almost immediately with his help and guidance, I was able to delve deeper into the essential concern and learned that it had little to do with my perceived notion. He helped me identify the blocks and issues that were really holding me back from leading a rich, full life with confidence and creativity. By the end of our sessions, I had discontinued the anti-depressant and feel quite confident, I will never need to take it again.

Through a very safe and nurturing process, he taught me various simple techniques that I continue to practice daily with the very direct result of feeling energized for leading a beautiful, abundant life. 

Working with him was a profound, life-changing experience, well worth the money. I truly consider Dr. Friedemann to be one of the world’s great healers."

—Caroline B.

  When I began working with Dr. Schaub, I was at the lowest point of my entire life. Intense grief from mother’s death triggered severe anxiety which triggered immobilizing panic attacks and eventually morphed into full post-traumatic stress disorder. While I understood I was missing my mom, I had no idea why my grief had become so paralyzing.

Dr. Schaub helped me uncover the source of this deep disturbance and bring tremendous relief from my suffering. Today I am free of the emotional chaos that was triggered by mother’s death and living a life of clarity and purpose. I strongly recommend Dr. Schaub as a skilled, highly educated professional who works from a genuine concern to bring healing and freedom to his clients. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and a fulfilling life awaits." 

—Deborah H.

My hopes in working with Dr. Fridemann Schaub were to be able to function through my depression and anxiety. I wanted to stop having piles of mail just shoved into paper bags and thrown in the back room when guests were coming. I wanted to be able to get out of bed in the morning and face life without needing to schedule something to ensure that I would shower that day. I wanted to care about eating before I became so hungry I was cranky. I wanted to have a voice mailbox that was not full. I wanted to not be afraid to answer the phone when I didn’t recognize the number.

I hadn’t even dreamed that I could actually not be depressed or anxious. I didn’t dare hope to actually love myself. These are the things I really wanted in the deepest recesses of my heart. I have them. My hopes were surpassed. My dreams are becoming reality. I used to feel alone in my sorrow and pain.  There is not a moment in life that I feel alone anymore. I always have me. That is enough.

I feel empowered in the decisions I make in my life. My life is mine again and I am so grateful to have it back!”

—Hilary F. Portland

Everyone at one point in their life can get lost because of others or themselves. When I felt lost I didn't know if anyone could help me or that I could even help myself. 

Working with Dr. Schaub helped me to not only overcome the challenges of the past and present, but also to learn and grow from them and rebuild myself. After just a few sessions I was able to break away from the constraints that tied me down and felt myself again. Dr. Schaub provided me with insights and tools that taught me how to recognize and utilize all my unique qualities and move forward with confidence and trust in myself. I am so grateful for him and for myself." 

— Fiona B., Chicago